The production and materials of Vorssa Ink earrings

We make all unique earrings by hand, with love and great passion in Forssa. The criteria for the manufacturing materials are quality, durability and lightness. Vorssa Ink earrings are big and showy, but light and comfortable to wear. 

Quality and domesticity play an important role in the production of Vorssa Ink jewelry . We try to get all supplies , packaging materials and jewelry parts from Finland , from Finnish importers and subcontractors , as far as possible .

Epoxy resin , acrylic , domestic wood , rattan and polymer mass serve as jewelry manufacturing materials . Hooks , pins and rings are made of safe and allergy-free surgical steel . Find out more about the materials and manufacturing methods below !

Surgical steel 

All our metal jewelry parts , such as hooks , pins and rings, are 100 % surgical steel . Surgical steel does not cause nickel sensitivity or allergy , and does not contain cadmium or lead . The parts have been tested in Finland using the XRF method .

Surgical steel is a high-quality , durable and long-lasting material . The material does not warp , and the parts do not darken or change color , but remain bright . Surgical steel is ecological not only because of its longevity , but also because of its recycling properties . The material can be recycled as scrap metal and can be reused as a raw material .

Vorssa Ink earrings are available with four different attachment options :

  • With hooks
  • Killing
  • On wheels
  • With clips ( Clips fit unpierced ears . We only make these to order , so please contact our customer service .)

If you cannot find your favorite earrings with a specific attachment , please contact

Materials for making Vorssa Ink earrings

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a plastic mixture in which two different liquids are mixed together . You can mix colors and other decorations , such as glitter . The mixed liquid is poured into our own silicone molds .

Epoxy resin is a very light material , so even large earrings are not heavy , but comfortable to wear . Our resin earrings are spectacular , light and guaranteed to be unique .

Polymer mass

Polymer clay is a type of crafting clay that is shaped and hardened in an oven . Mass earrings are decorated with e.g. with screen printing , foiling and glitter , and finished with a resin coating . Our mass earrings are colorful , unique but light .


Acrylic is a plastic sheet that is cut into different shapes with a laser cutter . As a material , acrylic sheet is very light , but impressive . In our selection of acrylic earrings , you can find super attractive , but light earrings for both everyday life and parties .


Our wooden earrings are made of high-quality domestic birch plywood . Birch plywood is an environmentally friendly and renewable raw material . Plywood is durable and strong , but light , which makes it an ideal material for earrings . Our wooden earrings are light , timeless and spectacular .


Rattan is an ecological , light and wonderfully airy material and is therefore also suitable for earrings . Our rattan earrings are super light and wonderfully boho !

The production and materials of Vorssa Ink earrings

Our colorful earrings are unique, bold and big, but at the same time light and super comfortable to wear! All earrings are made with love, craftsmanship and great passion in Forssa.