Vorssa Ink – Domestic earrings

In the background of the Vorssa Ink earrings, I, Kata, wear a basic peak year mutt from Forssa. I have worked as an entrepreneur for more than 10 years, my main business is tattooing. I have been making earrings since 2017. Fidgeting with these is my way of meditating.

I got my passion for making things with my hands in my mother's milk. I have always been a hard worker. I got my first sewing machine when I was 10 years old, and I got a seamstress as a gift. In middle school, my dream profession was a crafts teacher.

Crafts took me by storm and I started to study design, graduating as a clothing designer in 2004. As a clothing designer, I worked in several different places until the story of Vorssa Ink started with tattoos.

I got excited about tattoos semi-accidentally in 2004, inspired by an acquaintance. Tattoos were my hobby for a long time along with paid work, until the desire to develop and entrepreneurship interested me so much that I resigned from paid work. I became an entrepreneur and Vorssa Ink opened in Forssa, in a wonderful wooden house milieu in 2012.

Vorssa Ink earrings store

From tattooist to jeweler

The story of the earrings began in earnest in the winter of 2018, when our first-born daughter was still struggling to take naps. As a creative woman, I had to get something useful done while the lady was sleeping. On vacation in Brazil, I picked up a bunch of masses from the store and used what I found in my friends' closets as molds. Macrame jewelry and colorful mass jewelry got its start.

A lot of jewelry was born. So much so that I started selling them first to acquaintances, then next to the tattoo shop, at events and whenever and wherever. Soon, jewelry began to appear on the tattoo shop's Instagram and Facebook pages, until its own online store was started.

Now the earring shop is in full swing and acts as a kind of meditation for me in the midst of my busy everyday life. Through jewelry, I get to realize my creativity in a variety of ways and bring out my colorful and bold artist personality.

Vorssa Ink bold and unique earrings

Vorssa Ink earrings reflect the landscape of my soul. Boldness and color are visible in the jewelry, as in everything I do. Courage to me means the courage to be yourself. With earrings, just like with tattoos, people can show their own personality and express themselves, each as their brave and beautiful self.

The earrings strongly exude that "Vors secret", self-made and unique, bold and different in a way. In Vorssa Ink earrings, nothing is small, everything is big.

The earrings are created entirely according to inspiration. I get inspired by the environment, the ideas of my clients and whenever. Nothing is made by force, but all jewelry is born from great passion and inspiration. The selection varies A LOT, because ideas come at a fast pace.

Colors and abundance are my thing. Colorful earrings are unique and big, but at the same time light, comfortable to wear. Color saturation and the combination of colors play a big role in my ears, just like in my tattoos.

Vorssa Ink earring store

Domestic handcrafted earrings

Recycled materials, quality and domesticity play an important role in my crafts. I try to get all accessories, packaging materials and jewelry parts from Finland, from Finnish importers and subcontractors, as far as possible. At the same time supporting Finnish co-entrepreneurs.

I make all the unique earrings by hand, with love and great passion in Forssa. I tinker with jewelry at home and in my tattoo shop in the center of Forssa. Epoxy resin, acrylic, domestic wood, rattan and polymer mass serve as jewelry manufacturing materials. And of course glitter is part of the standard equipment, there is a LOT of it. Hooks, pins and rings are made of safe and allergy-free surgical steel. You can find out more about jewelry making and materials here .

Vorssa Ink earrings are big, colorful and spectacular. However, the most important thing about my jewelry is that they are light and super comfortable to wear at the same time! The most rewarding thing is when I actually see my earrings in use! Then I know that someone has identified with my soul landscape and wants to express their personality with unique and bold earrings.

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With courage and love,

Kata / Vorssa Ink